Birthday coming up?

Why not suggest a Birthday Bin at My Toy Shop? It's just so easy! 

You may opt to do an ON-LINE wish list. 

1. You and your Child complete their My Toy Shop on-line Wish list 

2. Tell your family & friends your child's Wish list is at - all they need to shop is your child's name. 

3. Your child's presents will be available to pick up at the shop or sent directly to you.  GIFT WRAPPING IS ALWAYS FREE!  Just click the Add Gift Wrap box at check out!


You may prefer to do an In-store Birthday Bin

1. Bring your child in to My Toy Shop and fill up their own personal Birthday Bin with the toys they really like. ( It's fun and there are no duplicates!)

2. Tell your family & friends they can stop by the store and pick out one or more of the items from the Birthday Bin to purchase as a gift for your child. (Takes out the guess work AND they will RECEIVE 10% OFF their entire purchase)   

3. Tell your family & friends they can also call ahead or e-mail and have us pull an item from your child's Birthday Bin. We will wrap it and have it ready for them to pick up on the way to the party. (Awesome time saver!)

4. GIFT WRAPPING IS ALWAYS FREE! (Saves Money because you can't get any better than free)

(Birthday Bin items selected by Patrick @ My Toy Shop)


BABY BINS are also great for the expectant mother!


CUSTOM FAVOUR BAGS  are also available, just ask next time you are in. The more you purchase the more you save. Some products will be available on-line however as stock is constantly moving and changing this is best done in store with the assistance of our amazing staff! Click HERE to see a small selection of the Custom Favour Bags we have done. 


Can't find what you are looking for? Drop us a note or give us a call. You never know until you ask!