What Customers are saying about My Toy Shop


"Surprisingly low prices for an independent toy shop (lower than the chains), with loads of educational toys and craft..."  Glenn Murray.


"a HUGE shout out to MyToy Shop Manotick! My daughter learned a tough lesson this week when the majority of her Shopkins collection was stolen by fellow students, but thanks to My Toy Shop and Etienne Kerr today she learned an even better lesson about how the world may have a few bad apples, but its also got a lot of great caring people! Such a lovely local buisness with tons of great items including Shopkins, Trashies, Melissa and Doug, etc! #shoplocal" 

"Wonderful! Even though my experience was online, the service was exceptional. After placing my order, I got a call shortly to inform me that one of the items was not available. The call was very much appreciated and brings a personal touch to an already charming little toy store. I'm so glad to have found this toy store. I'm an advocate of supporting local Canadian businesses and when given a choice, I would always shop at these small locally own toy shops than a large chain toy store. I hope to one day stop by. I give my highest recommendation to My Toy Shop and hope it'll make lots of kids happy for a very long time."  Elvin Lee


"After a little girl's toys were absconded with by some older kids, My Toy Shop Manotick stepped up and replaced them." Juli Stoneberg


"Great store with so many educational toys. We loved the store." Jennifer McKellar


"Great toy shop that sells actual toys, not just a whole bunch of electronic games. Love visiting this place!"  Wendy Shearer Murray 


 "Great shop. Lots of choice. Solid service."  Andrew Bird 


"One of the best proprietors I have ever met!"  Pandora O.


"Huge selection, always the best recommendations & super customer service. Best toy store around!" Kyra M.


"Have to take a moment and let everyone know about My Toy Shop run by Etienne Kerr and his wife. I had the opportunity to go in today with my oldest child. The selection of toys are amazing, and my son was so excited when he bought a little LEGO figurine and was able to swap with Etienne because he preferred another with their FREE swap program. Thank you so much for the exceptional service, it is businesses like yours that make for a wonderful community to live in. :)"   Rachel H. 


"Would like to send a shout out to My Toy Shop, in Manotick. They consistently exceed my expectations on customer service. I feel good about spending my money with a local business rather than a large retailer. Christmas shopping made easy, done locally!"  Kym H. 


"It is great being able to shop at a real toy store with real service."  Scott Faris.


"The best place to get toys in the area! The owners and staff are do helpful especially when it comes to getting gifts for birthday parties." Alyson F.


"Great service! You sure know your toys. I know a happy 4 years old. Thanks!"  Delphine H.


"We had an extremely successful Jack May Children's Christmas party! All of the toys were fantastic and the kids loved them all. You did such a great job and I appreciate everything you did for us. Thanks so much for everything... " Stephanie May 


"Thank-you so much for letting meknow RIGHT away that you were getting the two Goldie Blox I've been looking for, for my niece for Christmas You all are always awesome!!! I always know to go to you!!"  Christine Hill.


"My Toy Shop is packed to the rafters with toys that, for the most part, don’t beep, blink or need wi-fi. Classics like pogo sticks, hand puppets, Etch-a-Sketches, Rubik’s cubes, Slinkys, jigsaw puzzles and even slingshots might just make kids put down their tablets. Brands include Playmobil and Melissa & Doug."  Laura Byrne Paquet.