Donation Request

My Toy Shop receives requests for charitable contributions, including donations for auctions and support for charitable events almost daily. We are committed to playing a role in supporting our immediate community and will not consider requests from outside of the Ottawa (Ontario -CANADA) area.  We ask that you fill out the form below and submit it to us ONE month prior to your event so that we can fairly evaluate requests, coordinate donations and our attendance if need be. 


Purpose and Beneficiaries: The purpose of the donation request must be charitable in nature – benefiting an organization that is officially created for social welfare, educational growth or other good works. The organization should have a non-profit legal status. 

Size of Donation:  We do not fulfill requests for large donations or monetary requests.  

 If we feel we are able to accommodate your donation request we will happily respond to your request within 7 days. 

Donation Request Form